A brief history of ‘A’

OK, I’ve been told to keep it short so here we go…

The studio was set up back in 1985 and at that time was called A for Animation.

The team quickly established themselves, producing animated graphic sequences, commercials and titles for clients nationwide. The studio’s reputation soon spread and work increased.

By the 90′s we were working for many leading companies right around the world, now doing commercials, and pop promos along with our other work. At that time we did promos for Madonna, Rod Stewart & Elton John and were working on loads of commercials including Cuprinol, Chewitts, Domestos, Rice Krispies, and some of our many title sequences included, ‘Antiques Roadshow’ ‘The First Eden’ ‘Playbus’ (and lets not forget ‘The Grumbleweeds’ for Granada!)  plus lots more.

As we went on we branched out into character animation, working as a service studio for lots of different studios. in 1992 we secured our first series commission, 26 episodes of ‘Rubbish…King of the Jumble!’ for CITV. (The story of an overfed cat called Rubbish, and his nemesis Dinsdale the dog.) Following the success of ‘Rubbish!’, Disney Channel commissioned the studio to work on ‘Amazing Animals’, animating over 160 interstitials over 4 series of the popular wildlife series.

We went digital about this time, with ANIMO ink & paint technology, Flash and 3Ds Max becoming part of the studios portfolio alongside the traditional 2D drawn work and stop frame animation.

Soon we were asked to work on the popular CITV series ‘Dog & Duck’ for United, creating and animating short stories & interstitials for the show. We worked with Aardman again, this time helping to create the story reel for the feature film, ‘Chicken Run’. We were also asked by Tell-tale Productions to provide all the animation sequences for a new CBBC show called ‘The Tweenies’ This lead to us working closely with Tell-tale over the whole 365 shows designing & producing all sorts of animation, FX and green screen work for what turned out to be a hugely successful and award winning programme.

In 2000 the studio moved house to our current studio base; we also chose to change our name to A Productions. Work continued with ads for Danish Bank ‘Nykredit’ and ‘Onken Yoghurt’. We also provided service work for Cosgrove Hall on ‘Albie’, started working with OUP on a series of 30 x 15 minute films.

In 2001 we worked again with Tell-tale producing ‘Boo!’ a 104 x 10 minute CG pre school show for CBBC. The show was a huge hit (it was nominated for a BAFTA in 2003) & was entirely produced in the UK, with teams in Bristol & Elstree. We followed this with work on ‘BB3B’ for CBBC,  ‘Jim Jam and Sunny’ for CiTV,’Dusty & Musty’ for HIT Entertainment. ‘Mister Maker’ for CBeebies & Foundation and recently ‘Frankensteins Cat’ for CBBC and Mackinnon and Saunders. One of the episodes we animated called Tail of Tails has won a Pulcinella for “Best Children’s Show” at Cartoons On The Bay and “Best TV Show” at the BAF awards.

That’s only a small part of whats been going on over the last 25 years. But bringing things right up to date, we’re busy on our own series for CBeebies called ‘Driver Dan’s Story Train’ (with 3Line Media) which is 52 x 11 minutes of wonderful CGI pre school loveliness!